Wedding Expert Award 2016
12 years Experience Anniversary

Sweet Buds 
chair cover & venue styling


Table Centre Piece Hire

Glass Dome Hire
Beauty and the Beast
or just whimsicle ?
27cm high
includes mirror plate and crystals
available in many colours
6 available

Candelabra Hire 

  • price includes 5 x taper candles & round mirror plate, if required.
EXTRA COST : artificial flower rings available in other colours to match your colour theme 

70cm = 13 available 

Lace Covered Glass Jars

  •  Lace Covered Glass Jars & Log Slice 
price includes 1 x Wood Log Slice  & 5 x Lace covered Glass Jars

White Lantern Hire

  •  use as Table centres or line and illuminate your walkway down the aisle 

Includes Pillar candle.

Size 17cm x 17cm x 35cm 

12 available

Candle Stand Hire

  • Wedding decoration hire price includes Pillar Candle
EXTRA COST ; artificial rose ball or ring available in other colours to match your colour theme
Height 70cm = 26 available

Hurricane Glass Centre
  • price includes artificial rose ring, Mirror Plate & Pillar Candle
8 available

Manzanita Tree Hire

  • Perfect as a table centre Our hire price includes 30 cm round mirror plate

 90 cm =  10 available

EXTRA: embellishments/


Bird Cage Hire
  • H 40cm x 17cm x 24cm -
10 available
EXTRA COST : flower arrangements/embellishments 

Ostrich Feather Fantasy

  • Glass Vase Hire  
  • White and/or Black Ostrich Feathers
  • LED undervase light
decoration hire price includes lights and round mirror plate,