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Wedding Arch

Sweet Bud's pretty white wedding arch is erected on a free standing frame

with white drapes. The arch is suitable for inside or outside ( weather permitting)

The arch can be dressed with co-ordinating artificial flowers to match your theme

This product is ideal for

  • making the perfect entrance 
  • end to your ceremony aisle 
  • decorate an unsightly doorway
  • church ceremony
  • marquee entrance

Blossom Arch

make an entrance with our pretty blossom tree arches.

ideal for making an entrance,

framing an entrance,

backdrop for your ceremony or

over your cake table

Our Blossom Tress stand

Our white plinths are 90cm tall (3ft) 

Wedding Canopy / Chuppah
Your wedding ceremony is the most important part of your BIG day and also one of the most beautiful. That's why you're probably putting a good amount of thought into how you can best style the space to reflect your personal style and set the stage for the heartfelt vows to come.
A canopy can provide a picture-perfect spot for saying "I do" and you'll be well on your way to hosting a stunning ceremony that's unlike anything else your guests may have seen. For extra prettiness, embellish with flowers displays on the corners or gather point.
The Canopy is suitable for inside or outside ( weather permitting)